Get to know all of Ludi el pirata (Ludi the pirate’s) themes in different versions

Ludi el pirata (Ludi the pirate) offers digital tools with cheerful and positive content that motivates children’s physical, creative and intellectual interaction.

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  • Sing Yes Basic
  • Sing Yes Advanced
  • Dance Yes
  • Draw Yes
  • Learn Yes
  • Play Yes
  • Relax Yes

Relax Yes

Is time to take a deep breath

Relax Yes: Is an opportunity for children to enjoy 30 minutes of videos of Ludi the pirate and find the balance between fun and relaxation that require a good development, giving them a sense of tranquility.
This activity will keep the children entertained, allowing parents to take advantage of that time to enjoy their activities, while caring for and accompanying them.

Play Yes

audiovisual content

These fun activities allow children to solve riddles, mazes, puzzles, and many other things! This promotes critical thinking through simple problems they solve instantly.

Draw Yes

audiovisual content

Children and adults learn to draw Ludi el pirata (Ludi the pirate’s) characters based on geometric shapes.  It promotes drawing, eye-hand coordination to arouse children’s graphic artistic curiosity.

Sing Yes Basic

audiovisual content

It provides the little ones the opportunity to sing along with their favorite characters. Additionally, it promotes cognitive processes related to singing, hearing and oral coordination.

Sing Yes Advanced

audiovisual content

It promotes cognitive processes related to singing, reading and oral expression coordination, as well as a fun time that involves children and adults.

Dance Yes

audiovisual content

It’s time to get moving! Simple body movements and fun choreographies danced by children promote empathy with the youngest at home.

Learn Yes

audiovisual content

The little ones at home may have their first contact with numbers, the alphabet, colors, shapes, syllables and much more hand by hand with Ludi el pirata (Ludi the pirate) and his friends!

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